She likes reading children's books and absolutely loves "Why?" questions


Designed to encourage children to pick up a pencil and start writing and drawing


Including The Donkey's First Christmas, a children’s Christmas book with a difference

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    “You were awesome Susanne! It was lovely to see their eyes light up to a story!”

    Karen Wiseman, Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School, Moreton

    “Lovely workshop! Will definitely recommend!”

    Miss Ralphs, Supply Teacher, St. Joseph’s Primary School, Upton

    “You pitched [the talk] at just the right level [for the children] and really engaged their interest. It was lovely for them to see that a book … is written by a real live person! I think that this will motivate them to want to write their own stories even more.”

    Cath Smith, West Kirby Primary School

    “Many thanks for giving the children an insight into being an author.”

    Name not cited, Mersey Park Primary School

    “A very enjoyable workshop – the children loved it.”

    Clare Bostock, Early Years Foundation Stage, Cinnamon Brow CE Primary School, Warrington

    “… The children were well engaged with all aspects.”

    Jack Buckton, Class Teacher, English Martyrs Catholic Primary School, Preston

    “Super session – Over 40 books signed for our eager readers. Thank you! …”

    Mike, Assistant Head, Ladymount Catholic Primary School, Pensby

    “… Such an inspiring session which I know the children loved.”

    Avril Ritchie, Year 2 teacher, Ladymount Catholic Primary School, Pensby

    “Children enjoyed the hands-on workshop. The puppets and drama activities helped bring the stories to life.”

    Kate Jones, Year 3 Teacher, Woodchurch Primary School

    “The children loved it! Understanding the storywriting process, thinking about each step and planning a storyboard has greatly impacted them.”

    Louise Pezzaioli, Year 4 Teacher, Woodchurch Primary School

    “The sessions were very engaging. I asked the children what they liked best, and ‘saving the animals’, ‘stroking the animals’ and ‘holding the animals’ were some of the responses.”

    Gemma Nagy, teacher, Ribbleton Avenue Infant School, Preston

    “The children really enjoyed the workshop – even children that would not normally participate joined in and had fun creating their own story.”

    Laura Walton, teacher, Thomas Gray Primary, Bootle

    “A very interactive session where the children could explore drama, improvisation and how to explore their ideas when writing a story.”

    Naomi Woof, teacher, Thomas Gray Primary, Bootle

    “Thanks so much for today. All staff said the workshops were brilliant and that the children really enjoyed them.”

    Mrs M Piercy Year 6 teacher, Thomas Gray Primary, Bootle

    “The workshops have inspired the children to write and create their own stories – to see a love for reading instilled in the children has been fantastic.”

    Year 2 teacher, Christchurch Primary, Bootle

    “There was excellent questioning about the books and a good level of encouragement for those children struggling to answer.”

    Miss Sadler-Jones, Year 2 teacher, St Bridgets Primary, West Kirby

    “Some of the children have even been writing their own books this week so you have inspired them!”

    Maggie Billington, teacher, Devonshire Park Primary, Birkenhead

    “There were a lot of activities and that everyone was included in the tasks. Susanne inspired me.”

    Minnie, pupil, New Brighton Primary School

    “liked the workshop because it was very inspiring about space”
    “I liked that we were doing maths while having fun.”

    Charlie and Lauren, pupils, New Brighton Primary School

    “I learned that it took 560 of us to fill the tallest building in the world. It was amazing.”

    Madison, pupil, New Brighton Primary School

    “The kids really enjoyed the Earth and Beyond workshops, many thanks once again.”

    Mr Jones, Head of Year 6, New Brighton Primary School

    “Thanks for all your input. The children really enjoyed it – we were delighted!”

    Teresa Poland, teacher, Rock Ferry Primary School

    “A lovely afternoon. The children really enjoyed Susanne’s visit and were very inspired by her story.”

    Rachel Pearce, teacher, Overleigh St Mary’s C Of E Primary Chester

    “The children were especially inspired through writing, drawing, acting and through Susanne divulging her methods and tips. Very informative and enjoyable.”

    Miss C Ainsworth, Teaching Assistant, Our Lady and St Rose of Lima Primary, Birmingham

    “Susanne had all children, from Nursery to Year 6, captured this morning. They really enjoyed learning about the creative process on getting a book published and the platforms to get an idea made.”

    Miss H Purcell, Year 3 Teacher, Our Lady and St Rose of Lima Primary, Birmingham

    “All the children and staff commented about how much they enjoyed Susanne’s visit.”

    Miss Coleman, teacher, Our Lady and St Rose of Lima Primary, Birmingham

    “Fantastic insight into how stories are created. The workshops allowed the children to think on their feet and show them they can be creative.”

    Miss A Neville, Year 2 teacher, Our Lady and St Rose of Lima Primary, Birmingham
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