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Susanne in the Wirral Globe!

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A WIRRAL author has self-published a children’s book which tells the story of the nativity from an animal’s perspective.

Susanne T Schroder’s book Donkey’s First Christmas is based at the time of the nativity.

In the book, Donkey does not like to do any work and tries everything he can to get out of helping.

But one day, he is forced to help a couple on a long trip, despite his many complaints.

Along the way, he discovers that he is a part of a much bigger event and learns some important lessons along the way.

Susanne, a mother-of-two from West Kirby was asked to write the book by the toddler’s play group she leads in a sing-a-long. It took around four months to finish and is on sale in Waterstone’s.

She told the Globe: “The inspiration behind the book was my faith.

“It is based on my understanding of how God works and is written from the donkey’s perspective of what happened at the time Jesus was born.”

The book is aimed at three to seven-year-olds, and older readers.

Susanne continued: “To a child, the book is about a naughty donkey. But to the older reader, the donkey becomes more significant.”

Susanne is currently working on her next book.